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By Manuela Mosca

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This e-book presents perception into the awesome existence and paintings of the Italian economist Antonio de Viti de Marco (1858-1943). This booklet offers 11 interviews with American and Italian students from numerous disciplines that offer a profile of this significant highbrow as an fiscal theorist, flesh presser, and person. He was once the founding father of the natural conception of Public Finance, performed an immense position within the starting place of Public selection, and was once additionally a staunch liberal and radical baby-kisser. An English translation of 1 of his books, made as early as 1936, significantly inspired James M. Buchanan, Nobel prize-winner for economics.

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33. The carabinieri’s headquarters in Minervino (Lecce, Italy) is responsible for the Casamassella area. MEMORIES 35 34. Emilia is referring to the Fondazione Le Costantine, set up in 1982 at Casamassella (Lecce) by descendants of Antonio de Viti de Marco and still active today. Emilia was president of the Foundation for many years. 35. Antonio’s father, Raffaele de Viti, had been adopted by his godmother Costanza Maria de Marco. 36. , Firenze); English translation Pindar (1969) The Odes of Pindar (Harmondsworth, Penguin).

Oh, really? Yes, he had been a Latin champion at high school.  What year was this, Emilia? I started university in the 1938–39 academic year, and I graduated in 1942, after four years. I saw him in the last years, but I had already seen him when he came here. He used to speak to me about Latin, about Suetonius, and he wanted to translate. ’ He was afraid for me.  What was he afraid of? Of me laying myself open to attacks, because he wanted to send that emperor with the affinities, he wanted to send him … Well, he was a person that though he was old, very old—and for a person of twenty he was decrepit—he was … he had kept all his lively spirits, the rightness of his judgments, and also his equanimity because he was never …, he didn’t prevaricate, he was like that.

Emilia’s first stop on her honeymoon journey was at the ‘castle’ of the De Viti de Marco, at Cellino San Marco (Brindisi, Apulia, Italy), to which we shall be referring a little further on, near to the Li Veli wine estate. 29.  Salvemini (1948) ‘De Viti de Marco. Ricordo di Gaetano Salvemini’, La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno, September 12th. Gaetano Salvemini (1873– 1957), historian and politician, when he wrote this recollection on the occasion of the commemoration of De Viti, was living in America.

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