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He asks between swigs. ” You tell him. The youth stares off into the forest. Something in his eyes indicates he isn’t quite as inexperienced as he was during your first encounter. ” He takes another swig. “What you’d said to me finally sank in. Maybe this is war! I suppose I followed the redcoat to find out if it really was. ” You put your hand on his shoulder. ” He touches his breast. “I feel it here. My countrymen and I won’t live without our rights as Englishmen. We have the right to govern ourselves.

An especially shrill sound—like that of a rabid wasp—passes uncomfortably close to your ear. By the time you reach the relative safety of the woods, the kid is nowhere to be seen. And British soldiers are moving into the woods to take potshots at stragglers like you. You won’t be able to find the youth now. But he’ll probably be at another battle site in the near future. You can jump ahead to Concord and try to meet up with him there. Or maybe you should jump ahead a few months to the next major battle site of the war: Fort Ticonderoga.

And now that your ears, as well as your eyes, have adjusted to the forest and the night, you hear the redcoats snoring peacefully inside the barrack houses. Isn’t anybody on guard here? you wonder. But then again, why should they be alert? This fort is situated exactly in the middle of nowhere. What’s that? You glimpse a silent, furtive movement in the forest. There! Another! And another! Like shadows, rebels move out of the forest. They’re all wearing buckskins, except for one, who’s dressed in the blue-coated uniform of the rebel army.

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