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By Alessandro Plebani, Vassilios Lougaris

ISBN-10: 3319227130

ISBN-13: 9783319227139

This e-book offers an up to date assessment of agammaglobulinemia, an extraordinary type of basic immunodeficiency that's thought of the prototype of the congenital humoral defects, and that is characterised through the absence of peripheral B cells and extremely low serum immunoglobulin degrees. The ebook opens through discussing the hugely orchestrated early B cellphone improvement within the bone marrow and the genes concerned in response to either human and animal versions. The pathogenesis and scientific presentation of X-linked agammaglobulinemia, attributable to mutations within the BTK (Bruton’s tyrosine kinase) gene, are then provided intimately, via descriptions of the medical manifestations and molecular foundation of the fewer widespread autosomal recessive and autosomal dominant types of agammaglobulinemia. sufferers’ administration by way of respiration issues, gammaglobulin alternative treatment and the capability price of novel experimental healing recommendations are mentioned. The book’s remaining chapters supply a entire and up-to-date description of mutations within the BTK gene, and the expression and serve as of BTK in cells except B cells.

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Immunological workup showed agammaglobulinemia in the absence of peripheral B cells [62]. During follow-up and into her adolescent years, the patient developed erythema nodosum, arthritis, Campylobacter bacteremia, and inflammatory bowel disease. No metabolic alteration was reported. 4 Diagnosis The presentation of ARA is similar to that of XLA: low to undetectable immunoglobulin serum levels in the almost complete absence of peripheral B cells, as defined by CD19 and CD20 expression (<2 %). Male patients, once BTK deficiency is excluded, and affected female patients should undertake sequencing analysis for mu heavy chain, Igα, Igβ, λ5, BLNK, and p85α for a definite diagnosis.

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