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By Dieter Wunderlich

ISBN-10: 3110190192

ISBN-13: 9783110190199

The ebook investigates the interface constitution of the lexicon from numerous views, together with typology and processing. It surveys paintings on verb periods, verb-noun similarities, semantic representations, innovations and structures of polysynthetic languages, examine at the processing of inflectional and derivational parts, and new paintings on inheritance-based community versions. The publication could be of curiosity to researchers and complicated scholars in all fields of linguistics and within the cognitive sciences.

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1997 Cause and the structure of verbs. Linguistic Inquiry 28: 27–68. 2001 How gaps and substitutions can become optimal: An OT account of argument linking in Yimas. Transactions of the Philological Society 99: 315–366. Wunderlich, Dieter and Ray Fabri 1995 Minimalist Morphology: An approach to inflection. Zeitschrift für Sprachwissenschaft 14: 236–294.  Concepts of the lexicon in theoretical linguistics Martin Neef and Heinz Vater 1. Introductory remarks Any research project needs a name. The research complex ‘Theory of the Lexicon’ opted to make the word lexicon the center of its name.

However, this position does not follow in any logical sense from the fact that word structure rules and phrase structure rules have the same general structural properties. It is merely consistent with that fact. 16 The quote makes perfect sense, however, based on a conception of grammar like in (2). In Selkirk’s word syntactic approach, the lexicon has an internal structure, comprising both a lexicon in the structuralist sense (called ‘Extended Dictionary’) and a component that generates word structures: ———–———————————————————————————— 16 The same confusion is evident in the writings of Chomsky during that period of time.

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