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By Dr Guiseppe Caforio, Manas Chatterji

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ISBN-13: 9781848558908

There may be no higher homage to lately deceased sociologist Charles C. Moskos than dedicating to him this feature of the papers offered at RC01's overseas convention in Seoul (July 2008). It deals an updated view of the landscape of social stories on militia and clash answer in a context of fast-moving switch that renders many previous theoretical previsions out of date. simply to cite points of this variation, one could aspect to start with to how the awarded reviews flow past the very proposal of globalization, and then the convention were named. It in truth emerged with readability that the hot dimensions of the context within which militaries and army coverage needs to circulate are these of a continuing, diffuse interplay of the 'local' and the 'global', so-called globalization. A moment point, within the overseas quarter, is the shift in the direction of a multipolar worldwide order with the USA, the ecu Union, China, Russia, Latin the United States, Japan and India all manoeuvring for place, a shift that has major effects on army motion to boot.

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Bereaved families began protesting against the establishment for flawed policies that had resulted in their sons’ death (Lebel, 2006, pp. 439–461). This was a period when political parties became the dominant institutions in Israel. After years of single-party rule, Israel made the transition to multiparty rule; the immune status of the Israeli government crumbled, and social movements burst into the public space – sweeping the masses into political activity and organized protest. 22 UDI LEBEL The latter became part of the crystallizing political culture (Wolfsfeld, 1988).

Civic virtue’’ is a republican virtue that allows citizens to enter the central discourse – as long as they promote general goals and set aside their private goals: they obtain a legitimate public position because of their military–societal service (Shafir & Peled, p. 16). 2. Citizenship and Globalization: An abandoning of the Republican Ethos? Significant evidence of the globalization process in Israel is the emergence of a civil society, after decades in which it did not exist in the national Israeli space (Ben-Eliezer, 1998b, pp.

8 JOHN ALLEN WILLIAMS Morris Janowitz noted the tendency for military intellectuals to be scorned. He said in The Professional Soldier that ‘‘Both the Army and the Navy point with pride to a past succession of military thinkers and theoreticians. ’’ (Janowitz, 1960/1971). In these times, however, the ability to reflect and not simply act is a crucial intellectual component of an effective soldier, whether officer or enlisted. The need for soldiers and scholars to speak to one another is evident in contemporary military operations.

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