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Ascertain your scholars have entry to the authoritative, in-depth and obtainable content material of this sequence for the IB historical past degree. This sequence for the IB background degree has taken the readability, accessibility, reliability and in-depth research of our best-selling entry to historical past sequence and tailored it to higher healthy the IB learner's wishes. every one name within the sequence presents intensity of content material, focussed on particular issues within the IB heritage advisor, and exam suggestions on assorted exam-style questions - assisting scholars strengthen an outstanding wisdom and knowing of the subject along the abilities they should do good. - guarantees scholars achieve an exceptional realizing of the IB heritage subject via an interesting, in-depth, trustworthy and up to date narrative - awarded in an available manner. - is helping scholars to appreciate old matters and think about the proof, via offering a wealth of proper resources and research of the historiography surrounding key debates. - provides scholars tips on answering exam-style questions with version solutions and perform questions

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This led to a crisis in Germany where the chancellor resigned and the president of the country asked the army if it could resist an Allied invasion. The army responded that it could not, so the German government worked towards gaining some concessions while bitterly criticizing the treaty for not conforming to the Fourteen Points. Some of the concessions it demanded were: Why did Germany fail to receive many concessions in the treaty after the initial draft? KEY TER M Coalition government When two or more political parties join together to form a parliamentary majority, allowing a cabinet to operate a government.

MacMillan is a professor of history at the University of Toronto, Canada. ] the British and the American experts, meeting informally as they did on most matters, agreed that Poland’s boundaries should be drawn on ethnic lines as much as possible but that other factors, such as access to the Baltic, control of railways or strategic considerations also had to be taken into account. The French, who were headed by the wise old diplomat Jules Cambon, generally accepted this but, when it came to disputes, were invariably for giving Poland the benefit of the doubt.

Reparations would not only pay French and British debt, but also rebuild the northern areas of France and most of Belgium. France expected reparations to pay for the entire war and French military pensions as well. France wanted reparations to punish Germany for starting the war and to damage the German economy. The amount that the French considered demanding of Germany was approximately $220 billion; $100 billion more than Britain suggested. 35 KEY TERM Marks German currency. Prussia Large German state that was primarily responsible for forming the German Empire in 1871.

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