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Keynes regularly meant to write down 'footnotes' to his masterwork The basic Theory, which might take account of the criticisms made from it and make allowance him to strengthen and refine his rules additional. despite the fact that, a couple of elements mixed to avoid him from doing so prior to his demise in 1946. quite a lot of Keynes students - together with James Tobin, Paul Davidson and Lord Skidelsky - have written right here the 'footnotes' that Keynes by no means did.

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Colin Rogers (19) therefore has done us a great service by setting out, as succinctly and clearly as is to be found in the literature, the ingredients of the analysis of long-period under-employment equilibrium in Keynes's thought. To do this he has drawn on the work of those Keynesians who have argued for the long-period interpretation of The General Theory, who have stressed the role of conventions as a response to an inescapable environment of uncertainty and who, for example, the late Tom Asimakopulos (1991), have spelt out the essential Marshallian, not Walrasian, nature of Keynes's analysis in The General Theory: crucially, that static analysis at a high level of abstraction necessarilY precedes dynamic analysis and that uncertainty is not a bar to determinate analysis at this level of abstraction.

Brown reminds us of the modest levels of statistical unemployment which Keynes thought would have been associated with zero involuntary xl INTRODUCTION unemployment. He wonders whether the Golden Age might not have been even more Golden had it been run at Keynes's levels. The great imponderable, of course, is what would have happened to 'animal spirits' in the otherwise situation. Finally, Brown reminds us that in his own researches, money had been treated as more endogenous than Keynes had it in The General Theory and that, still, the money-wage bargain is the vital variable to influence in order to attain and sustain full employment and steady, satisfactory growth with modest to no inflation.

He discerns in Keynes's philosophy at the time of the writing of The General Theory an anticipation of the modern work on fuzzy logic and fuzzy sets. Coates conjectures that these recent developments may allow a bridge to be erected between the complex, multi-dimensional yet often vague concepts of economics and the powerful analytical procedures of mathematics. Fuzzy sets evidently allow us to handle in a precise analytical manner vague concepts such as 'baldness'. This is written about with feeling by both editors of the present volume, who appreciate the notion of membership or non-membership of a category which is gradual rather than abrupt.

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