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By Harold F. Schiffman

ISBN-10: 0521640741

ISBN-13: 9780521640749

It is a reference grammar of the traditional spoken number of Tamil, which differs noticeably from the literary language. This e-book, a far elevated model of the author's Grammar of Spoken Tamil (1979) is the 1st such grammar to comprise examples either in Tamil script and in transliteration, and is designed to be obtainable to scholars learning the fashionable spoken language in any respect degrees in addition to to linguists and different experts. The e-book has benefited from wide native-speaker enter and the author's personal lengthy event of training Tamil to English-speakers.

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Phonemic) convention, or those used in most other grammars, but we have found through years of teaching Tamil that most dictionary representations of Tamil are not phonetic enough to permit non-Tamils to approximate usual spoken pronunciations. In all of our phonetic representations we give prefererence to those that preserve morphological clarity, so that even though it may be common for many speakers to convert LT intervocalic L to a flapped rhotic alveolar r, we still represent these as d. e.

Pnm naan T + kitte — • ^T^OTSLIQL. 1 Syntax of SLLQL. kitte There are some complexities of syntax involved with the use of the animate locative marker SLLQL kitte. g. ^ftjprLLQi_ avarite 'with, on him'. When the animate locative marker S I I Q L . kitte is attached to a noun in a sentence with certain kinds of stative verbs or the copula, there is a semantic contrast of the following sort: 32 CHAPTER 1. 2. 5

The LT formflnuujflJTpayyan 'boy' is another form that retains a phonetic [ai], but only because of the [y] that follows it; we transliterate this as payyan rather than paiyan. A special note must be made of the phonetic qualities of the short e_ vowel when it occurs after the first syllable of a word, and in particular in final position. e. more like IPA [ui] or [«]. This is similar in quality to the short 'oo' vowel in 'book' as pronounced in southern American English, to the Russian y (jery) or to the final [u] in Japanese.

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