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By Matthew Dickerson

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Knowledgeable at the Hobbit and The Lord of the earrings trilogy exhibits how a Christian worldview and topics undergird Tolkien's vintage works

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The Ring may not have been seeking information from Frodo in the sense that the torturers of the previous examples were seeking information from prisoners, but it was definitely breaking him. ” And then, as though to back up his own opinion, Tolkien appeals to the opinions of two of the wise characters within his tale: “That appears to have been the judgement of Gandalf and Aragorn and of all who learned the full story of his journey” (Letters, 327). Here, though the reference to “torment” may specifically point only to his treatment at Cirith Ungol, the “demonic pressure” almost certainly refers to the pressure that came from possessing the Ring.

Others seek to model the conservation practices of Ents and elves. ”4 Tolkien’s stories have also provided numerous heroes that we seek to imitate, from Bilbo and Frodo Baggins to Aragorn Elessar Telcontar the Strider, to the elf Legolas, to even the lowly gardenerturned-mayor Samwise Gamgee. Sometimes jokingly—but at other times perhaps seriously—we may even be tempted to ask, WWBD? That is, what would Bilbo do? Or, if we are up for a greater challenge, WWFD: What would Frodo do? Now at one level, that phrase makes me cringe.

Of course, as Tolkien began to develop the concept of the One Ring while he wrote The Lord of the Rings, and he learned that Bilbo’s ring was indeed Sauron’s Ring of Power, this ending to the riddle game would no longer do. Tolkien needed to portray the Ring as much more powerful, more evil, and more addicting than he had portrayed it in the first edition of The Hobbit. It was not merely something that was possessed by its owner but something that possessed its owner. It would never be given away—at least not by one like Gollum, who was already by nature greedy and murderous.

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