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By David E. Lundstrom

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During this own memoir, electric engineer David Lundstrom remembers the heyday of early computing, the increase of keep watch over facts out of the Univac department of Sperry Rand, such milestone computers because the Univac and the Naval Tactical info approach the exploits of CDC's most sensible dressmaker Seymour Cray, and the slow company shift from the fascinating and technically attention-grabbing global of machine layout to inner politics and clumsy paperwork. - writer.  Read more...

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These fell into three catago ries. I. The mercury acoustic delay line memory of the Univac I was being rep laced with a newly designed magne tic-core memorv of2 000 word,doubling the memory capacity! Th e magnetic-core mem ory, in which each bit is stored as the magnetic polarity of a tiny doughnut-shaped magnet made of iron oxide, wasjust coming into use in the computer industry. Each tiny doughnut or toroid, was threaded by fine wires through the center hole. Electrical pulses sen t through these wires serve d to chang e the magnetic state of each core to store a 0 or a I as desired and to read out the previous state stored in th e core.

Spaced only a few hu nd redths of an inch apart To record or to read th e data on these tracks, the drum may have either fixed heads or moving heads, Fixed-head drums have a large number of magnetic heads position ed all around the surface of the drum so that one head is located above every track. Getting the rec ord wanted therefore. requires only sele cting the corr ect he ad and waiting until the desired record appears under the head as th e dru m rotates. Drums typically rotate at 2000 t05000 revolution s per minute, so this time interval known as the rotational latency time, is a few thousandths of a second.

They would drift in from all over the assembly floor whenever the music started. We finally had to ban all music playing during working hours. The programmers, working after hours, then improved on the original routines with a program that made the tape loops on the Uniservos jump up and down in lime to the music! This caused a sensation among the assembly workers. An open house in the new plant was scheduled one weekend for family and friends of employees. We determined to show the visitors our musical Univac.

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