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The writer stories retrospectively his constructing principles on thought and coverage due to the fact he first encountered Keynes's writings in 1950. themes coated comprise: Keynes now, in particular the arrival again into favour of his such a lot primary rules; highbrow biographies and shorter tributes to economists; and a survey of Post-Keynesian thought.

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1890) Principles of Economics (London: Macmillan), ninth (variorum) edition 1961. Meade, J. E. and E. A. Russell (1957) ‘Wage Rates, the Cost of Living and the Balance of Payments’, Economic Record, vol. 33, 23–8. Okun, A. (1978) ‘The Great Stagflation Swamp’, Challenge, vol. 20, 6–13. Parkin, M. (1996) Economics (Sydney: Addison-Wesley). Pesaran, M. H. and G. C. Harcourt (2000) ‘Life and Work of John Richard Nicholas Stone 1913–1991’, Economic Journal, vol. 110, F146–65. Robinson, J. (1993) The Economics of Imperfect Competition (London: Macmillan), 2nd edition 1969.

Such procedures would require further coordination and cooperation – agreement as to what was a fair structure of relativities, the target to be aimed at and eventually reached. 16 I concluded by saying that my suggestions for Australia were in accord with the suggestions made overseas by the best Keynesians, Bastards and otherwise – I cited Jim Tobin and Sid Weintraub. I closed by saying that: If we were not operating within the political constraints imposed by the present government, I would repeat again the need for what Joan Robinson calls ‘a real social contract which would satisfy the reasonable demands of the workers for more control over their own work, more security against redundancy, better social services and so forth; but that [I feared], must await our return to another [better] world’.

Lorie went off to liberate Italy from the Germans in the American army and to meet his second wife in the process. So his PhD thesis was never published which was a great tragedy, but he did put Keynes’s model in the 250 pages of his textbook published after the war. This was written in terms of aggregate demand and aggregate supply, which was always his framework of thought, and which he derived from Keynes’s lectures, having been brought up on the Treatise on Money before he did The General Theory.

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