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It is worth trying to convince a friend to type the programs in for you, so you don't find out the solutions even before you run them. THE CITY includes instructions in the program which precedes the main game. To complete the Adventure, you must say the password so your contact can hear it. You don't know who the contact is, although there are not many possibilities. In the second Adventure, TROLL, you must try and escape from the Troll's lair. He's very mean and will let you escape only over his dead body.

To type the games in, enter and SAVE the loader program, then type in and SAVE the main game directly after it. When saving the programs, or re—running them, remember that the start line is 1 for the loaders and 900 for the main programs. -: LET S=P: RETURN 3 7- PRINT '"T AM TN R 5MALL, DR THERE I. R GATE TO RK CPE. ": LET E=P: LET W=P: RETURN PRINT '"I AN ON A PRTH, Whi CH CONTINUES TO THE SOUTH. " 40 LET N=P: LET 5=2: LET E=P: LET W=P: RETURN 42 PRINT '"THERE IS R FOUNTAIN HERE. H ROADLERDS OFF TO THE 50 UTH,": LET 5=P: LET W=P: RETURN 54 PRINT --I RH STANDING IN R NARROW, ROCKYPRSSAGE WHICH GENTL THE NORTH.

Ti:i3eS.... 9^-^. " • ; Tf3B 11; '" 3910 PRINT 'TSB 15 :.. ' c+i ", TRL 15, ""This ke y gives y ou 3930 PRINT access to anydoor in the maze t" 'Y' o Lt can uses it as m 3940 PRINT —• You an y ti m es as you li ke," : .. " 3960 IF INKEY $ _.. n .. ::' gn 3970 IF INKEY $ i ) .. y .. 4-3 4020 LET t t 2? `^ ;"The food has given you ": fi RU S _ 0 4140 IF am >25fFN r5) T H E N PRINT - Indigestion! z ener g y pC+int4 for thdt? •. PR2 N , PT 2 r S, cl$ t5} , AT 2,17; . ,. """You have ";t$ °F;^^30 LET am =FN r f am?

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