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By Steve Bowden

This can be a must-have publication for any computing device fanatic whether or not they are younger or previous. overlaying the a hundred most sensible video games ever to be made from Pac-Man Vs and Pokemon Red/Blue to Grand robbery automobile: Vice urban and Worms - ensure you've no longer ignored out any of the cult classics. With certain descriptions of every video game, the layout approach at the back of them and the secrets and techniques that lie inside, this publication will re-light video games out of your youth in addition to introducing you to formerly un-played video games.

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In this case, the Loading view has a UIImageView with the same image used as the Launch image. This is not required, but it is a nice way to provide a seamless visual experience for the user. In a more complex application, you might want to display a progress bar as images are loading. For an application this simple, you don’t really need a loading screen, because the number and size of the images used are small. In our case, we simply add a UILabel with the text “Loading . . ” to the Loading view.

We also see that it contains an NSMutableArray called theScores, Highscore with Scores and one for adding a new Scores object. info CHAPTER 3: Explore the Game Application Life Cycle 59 - (id)initWithCoder:(NSCoder *)decoder{ theScores = [[decoder decodeObjectForKey:@"theScores"] retain]; return self; } -(void)dealloc{ for (Score* score in theScores){ [score release]; } [theScores release]; [super dealloc]; } @end The implementation of the class Highscores shown in Listing 3-13 is pretty compact.

Figure 2-14. info 30 CHAPTER 2: Setting up Your Game Project In Figure 2-14, we see the XIB file with an additional UIView objects added. To add a new component, you simply drag it from the lower right box, either to the Objects list or directly onto the scene in the middle. In this case, we added two UIView objects named Landscape and Portrait as siblings to the UIView named View (A). Collectively, we will refer to these two UIView objects as the orientation views. On each of these new UIView objects we added a UILabel by dragging it from the library at the lower right into the visual representation in the middle of the screen (B).

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